Injuries of Civilians – 12-07-2014

A number of citizens were injured with rubber-coated metal by the occupation forces, and dozens of cases suffered from suffocation due to inhaling tear gas during clashes between citizens and the occupation forces on Qalandiya checkpoint, and in several neighborhoods in Jerusalem. Israeli soldiers fired live ammunition and rubber bullets at hundreds of citizens who came out in a peaceful march to condemn the Israeli aggression on Gaza Strip.

The Israeli forces suppressed a group of boys near Ofer prison in Betunia, they suffered from suffocation due to inhaling tear gas.
Many citizens suffered from suffocation during clashes with the Israeli forces in Barta’a village.

A family in Bethlehem suffered from suffocation after being hit by a tear gas canister into their home. The occupation forces fired tear gas inside the house of Shweiki family in Jerusalem – Hebron street, near the northern entrance to Bethlehem, what caused cases of suffocation for eight family members, including children.
A boy was shot by the Israeli troops during clashes with the occupation north of Bethlehem, and his injury was described as moderate. The boy Qusay Ali Abu Basma, 16, wounded by a live bullet in his foot, and he was given first aid before being transferred to Beit Jala Hospital for treatment.

Dozens of people suffered from suffocation, and others were injured with rubber bullets and live bullets in confrontations with the occupation forces in various places in Hebron governorate. In Halhul, the toxic gas suffocated dozens, and a number of citizens were shot with live bullets in their feet: Muhammad Nazmi Albarbrawi, Sami Khaled Al-Atrash, Shadi Nadeer al-Atrash, and Louay Abdullah Noman, also the citizen Hassan Jihad Albu injured with a bullet in his thigh, and Mohammed Nasser Aldoude hit by tear gas canister in his face. They were all taken to hospitals in Hebron for treatment.

Dozens of people suffered from suffocation and injured with rubber bullets in clashes with the Israeli forces at the northern entrance to the city of Hebron, Ra’s Jura and Jeseer Halhul, and in the area of Zaif from the south and Beit Ainun northeast of the city, and at the entrance to the town of Bani Naim main walnut valley, and in the towns of Ithna and Beit Ummar, the triangle of Kharsa in Dora, during which Israeli forces fired live ammunition and rubber-coated metal and sound bombs and poison gas wastewater on the citizens, causing the injury of a number by rubber-coated bullets, and suffocationof dozens of them. they were treated in the field. Also, three people were injured by live bullets at the entrance of Bani Na’im east of the city and were taken to hospitals for treatment.

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