Netanyahu and Settler leaders Agree Not to Allow Establishment of a Palestinian State

Head of “Yesha” settlement council David Al-Hayani said during a meeting for “Yamina” party: “We introduced to Yamina party Trump’s plan that stipulates establishment of a terrorist Palestinian state on 70% of the West Bank, and we said that we are not ready for this. While the sovereignty price is establishment of a terrorist Palestinian state, and eviction of settlements, then we don’t want this plan”. (Source: Israel Seventh Channel 1-6-2020)

Benjamin Netanyahu had said in a meeting with settlers, held in 2-6-2020, discussing plans of applying Israeli sovereignty on parts of the West Bank, that “Israel has a historical opportunity to apply sovereignty in Judea and Samaria”. (Source: Israeli seventh channel 2-6-2020).

Netanyahu and Knesset chairman Yaref Levin called the settler leaders to approve the plan to apply the historical Israeli sovereignty.

Heads of settlement regional councils called on Netanyahu not to commit to the establishment of a Palestinian satet.

Yesrael Gan, one of the settler leaders, said “we are in a historical moment. The establishment of a Palestinian state does not only threaten ten thousands of settlers, but entire Israel”. ” (Source: Israeli seventh channel 2-6-2020).

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