The distorted judiciary: “Israeli Supreme Court” refuses to prosecute an Israeli colonel who executed a Palestinian boy

The so-called Israeli Supreme Court rejected a lawsuit to try an Israeli colonel who executed a Palestinian boy in occupied Jerusalem, contrary to instructions to shoot.

The court decided not to prosecute the so-called former commander of Ramallah district in the occupation army, “Yisrael Schomer,” despite the fact that he executed one of the Palestinian boys in July 2015 after throwing stones at the military vehicle in which the officer was traveling near Qalandia checkpoint. At that moment, “Shomer” got out of the military vehicle and chased the 17-year-old boy, Muhammad Kusbah, and fired 3 shots at his back, killing him on the spot.

The Israeli court justified its decision by claiming that the stone is a lethal weapon and could cause death, and the officer’s behavior was justified.

“Defense for Children International – Palestine” said that its investigations about the martyrdom of the child, Muhammad Kasbah, indicated that the life of the Israeli officer who shot him was not in danger at the moment of repeated shooting at him.

Under the occupation rule, it is good that the occupation court did not decide to prosecute the young martyr, because it considered that throwing a stone at an armored military vehicle constituted a serious threat that deserved a deadly response.

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