A new Israeli plan to build 5,400 settlement units in the settlements in the occupied West Bank

In continuation of the illegal settlement policy being implemented by the Israeli occupation government led by Netanyahu, “Israel Today” newspaper revealed on Friday 10/10/2020, a new Israeli plan to reinforce settlements in the West Bank with thousands of settlement units.

The newspaper stated that the Israeli government will approve the construction of 5,400 new settlement units in the settlements in the West Bank.

The newspaper indicated that Netanyahu himself issued the instructions for this settlement expansion.

According to the Hebrew newspaper, the settlement units will be distributed as follows:

  • “Beitar Illit” settlement, south of Occupied Jerusalem, 2,929 settlement units.
  • “Eli” settlement in the occupied West Bank, 629 new settlement units.
  • “Har Gilo” settlement, south of Occupied Jerusalem, will be expanded with new 560 settlement units.
  • “Har Bracha” settlement, 286 settlement units.
  • “Benny Kidem” settlement, 120 settlement units.
  • “Annab” settlement, 181 settlement units.

 Thus, the total is 2,467 settlement units in the settlement council known as “Binyamin”, and 21 settlement units in “Shamaa” settlement, south of Hebron Mount.

There will also be a discussion on 370 settlement units in Adam settlement, and 540 settlement units in Nili settlement.

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