The boy Amer Snobar: They smashed his head with the butts of their rifles until he died

10/25-2020 – Another crime carried out by the occupation soldiers against the Palestinian teenager Amer Snobar – 17 years old – who was martyred due to serious injuries resulted in the attack of the occupation soldiers by smashing his head with the butts of their rifles to death.

Attack details:

Just before midnight, in an autumnal calm in Yatma village, 20 km south of Nablus, a black vehicle belonging to the young man, Sakher Najjar, suddenly stopped after a malfunction.

The young man “Sakhr” asks his friend “Amer Abdel-Rahim Snobar for help to repair his vehicle, and he came to help.

Amer and Sakher, exhausted by the failing attempt to repair vehicle, rushed to move the faulty vehicle through a special vehicle that took them to a garage they know in Turmus Ayya town, which is located in the middle between the governorates of Ramallah and Nablus.

Sakhr says: “As soon as we reached Turmus Aya Junction, we were surrounded by Israeli occupation army units in a “GMC” vehicle armed with sticks and batons, and rushed to us.”

Sakher continues: “There, while the occupation soldiers surrounded us, I hid among a group of trees, to escape a certain death at the hands of the occupation soldiers, while the soldiers attacked my friend Amer with severe and unjustified beating with sticks and batons all over his body.”

He pointed out that the occupation soldiers, who were five, some of them beat Amer, while another soldier grabbed him by the neck in an attempt to suffocate him until he died.

For its part, the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates called on the international community and the specialized international and human rights organizations to condemn the execution of the young Amer Snobar, and to form an international investigation committee to find out its brutal details and to punish the perpetrators.

For its part, Human Rights Institutions Association –”‎Freedom” sent a notification to the special rapporteur on extrajudicial executions, the special rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the occupied Palestinian territories, and the special rapporteur on racial discrimination.

Human Rights Institutions Association said in its notification that the occupation forces killed the Palestinian child Amer Abdel-Rahim Snobar (17 years), by severely beating him with rifle butts in different parts of his body, which led to his death as a result of his injury in Palestine Medical Complex. According to the medical examination, he was exposed to severe beating with the aim of killing on the neck area from behind.

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