Settler Arrogance and Attacks 27-11-2014

Jerusalem – Two young men were stabbed in Jaffa Street in Jerusalem by settlers. They are: Mahmoud Essam Obeid and Ayoub Jaradat.

Jenin – Settlers assaulted the citizen Ahmed Mohammed Abed Ar-Rahim Abu Bakar from A’rraba.

Qalqilya – The settlers attacked a workshop for vehicles in An-Naby Elias area in Qalqilya. This workshop is owned by Ahmed Mohammed Abu Bakr, they also assaulted him severely, which led to bruises that he was to be taken to hospital.

Hebron – Settlers of ‘Nahal Negohot’ settlement, built on the territory of the citizens in Dura town, tried to kidnap the child Amir Taha Abu Sharar (11 years) from the village, but the intervention of the people of the region foiled the attempt of the settlers, who fled toward the settlement.

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