Photos – The occupation army attacks medical personnel, east of Ramallah

The medical personnel that their protection and freedom of work are guaranteed by all international laws have not escaped from violations of the occupation army.

These photos are from a Palestinian peaceful event held on 11-21-2020 condemning the establishment of a new settlement outpost in Ras al-Tin area in Kafr Malik village, east of Ramallah, which was met by force by the occupation army, firing tear gas and bullets – and even the ambulance crew was arrested.

International humanitarian law guarantees in all circumstances a duty to respect and protect medical personnel who are engaged in the search for, collecting, transporting, or treating the wounded and sick.

Under the Statute of the International Criminal Court, “Intentionally directing attacks against individuals using the distinctive emblems set forth in the Geneva Conventions in accordance with international law” constitutes a war crime in international armed conflicts, and this war crime applies to intentional attack on medical personnel because they are authorized to use the distinctive emblems that are Determined by the Geneva Conventions.

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