Settler gangs uproot 45 olive trees in Broqin; confiscating an agricultural room and demolishing another west of Bidya


Settlers of “Brokhin” settlement, established on Palestinian lands in Broqin and Kafr El Deek towns, west of Salfit, uprooted and smashed 45 olive trees.

The lands of the region are located adjacent to the settlement and classified as B / C, with an area of 8 dunums, and subject to repeated attacks that vary between stealing olives, uprooting trees, and attacking farmers.

In a new violation, the Israeli occupation forces confiscated an agricultural room belonging to Muhannad A’si and demolished another room for Dawood Salama in Khallet Hassan, west of Bidya.

According to the municipal council, the bulldozers of the occupation also levelled lands and demolished the stone walls in the same area, with the aim of harassing the citizens and giving the settlers the opportunity to seize them with the protection of the Israeli army.

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