Israel Commits a Crime and considers Palestinians to be in conflict with law:

In the West Bank, Israel demolished houses belonging to 44 Palestinians, including 22 children

Israel continues to implement the policy of forced displacement, amid lackluster responses by the international community. The demolition of homes reveals only one aspect of this criminal policy aspects. Unless Israel pays the price for its actions, it will not stop implementing this policy, as condemnation alone and demands for compensation are not sufficient. Attempts to confront this reality in other ways have proven to be unsuccessful, and it is a failure that we see in rubble strewn throughout the West Bank.

As part of its efforts to seize more land in the West Bank, Israel demolished the houses of 44 Palestinians (including 22 minors) and cut entire communities from water utilities. Demolition is the most extreme expression of the Israeli policy aimed at emptying entire areas in the West Bank of their Palestinian residents through various means, including continuous military training in their areas of residence and agricultural lands, preventing them from reaching their lands, preventing the construction of houses, being linked to water and electricity networks, and campaigns of confiscation. Since now, in November 2020, more than 900 Palestinian houses have been demolished by Israel this year in the West Bank (including East Jerusalem).

  • As of the end of November 2020, at least 919 Palestinians had lost their homes, including at least 460 minors.
  • During 2019, the number of Palestinians who lost their homes reached 677.
  • In 2018, the number was 397.
  • In 2017 the number was 521.

During 2020, Israel demolished 330 non-residential buildings and facilities, including facilities that are vital for human life, such as wells, water and electricity networks.

Some of the houses that were demolished were under construction, and their owners did not move to live in them. Once again, Israel carried out the demolition in the midst of a stormy winter climate and a global epidemic.

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