The International Movement for Defending Children – Palestine: “Roger” is a Lethal Weapon and not a “non-Lethal” Tool as Occupation Claims

The International Movement for Defending Children – Palestine has affirmed that the weapon “long rifle 22” (Roger), which is widely used by the Israeli occupation forces to suppress Palestinian protests, is really a lethal weapon, and not a “non-lethal” tool to disperse protests as the occupation state claims.

“The International Movement” added that the latest victims of this weapon, which is known as “TOTO” (Bullets of 22 inch) is the child Ali Abu Alia (15 year old) from the town of Mughayer north of Ramallah, who martyred in the fourth of December 2020.

According to a report issued by “B’Tselem” Israeli organization, Israeli forces claim that they use the weapon “Roger” as a “non-lethal” tool that disperses demonstrations, but “the truth in the field contradicts official statements of the army which orders “that the use of this weapon is monitored and specific”.

“B’Tselem” organization added that “the clear facts state that it is a lethal weapon used by occupation as a method to confront protests”, calling for ending use of this weapon immediately.

The international community has long expressed it concerns about using live bullets by Israeli occupation forces. However, Israeli soldiers still keep using it against innocent Palestinian children widely across the occupied West Bank, contradicting the international laws and regulations.

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