Arrests of Civilians 01-09-2014

Jerusalem- IDF arrested Mahmoud Salah, Khaleel Jayousi, Abdullah Hadra and Tareq al-Amel in the town of Sour Baher.

Nablus- IDF arrested Zahran Fawaz Zahran 20-year-old.

Hebron- IDF stormed the town of Beet Ummar and Halhoul and arrested four citizens: Mahmoud Adel Moqbel 17-year-old, Mhannad Barbarawi 17-year-old, Jehad Abu Ayyash 18-year-old and Montaser Abu Ayyash 20-year-old.

hebron- IDF arrested Ismael IssA Jabareen 30-year-old in the town of Yatta and sent him into unknown destination

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