Settler Gangs Escalate Their Assaults on Palestinians’ Daily Life

Nablus 22-12-2020: Settlers attack Palestinian’s vehicles near the town of Awarta, south of Nablus.Settler gangs attacked Palestinian vehicles with stones, near the town of Awarta, south of Nablus, damaging a number of them.

Bethlehem 22-12-2020: Settlers throw stones at Palestinian vehicles east of Bethlehem. Settlers attacked on Tuesday evening Palestinian vehicles on the main road of the town of Taqou’ east of Bethlehem, under the protection of Israeli occupation forces, damaging a number of them.

Bethlehem 22-12-2020: Settlers attack Palestinian houses south of Bethlehem. Settlers attacked Palestinian houses in the area of Beit Iskaria “Khalet Balota” surrounded by “Gush Itsion” settlement complex located on south Bethlehem lands.

Ramallah 22-12-2020: A settler runs over a Palestinian citizen at the entrance of Nu’leen west of Ramallah. A Palestinian was injured after a settler ran over him at the entrance of Nu’leen town, west of Ramallah.

Hebron 22-12-2020: A female settler tries to run over three Palestinian brothers in Hebron. A female settler tried to run over three brothers in Hebron: Ghazal Mahmoud Baradeyah 11-year-old, Nour 8-year-old and Mustafa 3-year-old, while they were passing a street near the area of “Jabal Jalis” next to the settlement of “Haval Jal” located on citizens’ lands east of Hebron.

Jenin 22-12-2020: Settlers try to take over lands near Yaabad. In an attempt to take over a land, settlers established a “caravan” on the lands of Um Al-Rayhan in the area of Yaabad, south west of Jenin city, located behind the annexation and racial expansion WALL, and surrounded by settlements.

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