48 martyrs, including 2 women and 8 children, during 2020

The number of Palestinians who were targeted by the Israeli occupation forces reached 48 martyrs during 2020, including 2 women and 8 children. Statistics indicate that:

  • The number of martyrs: 48 martyrs, including 2 female martyrs, 36 of whom are from the West Bank governorates, and 12 from Gaza Strip.
  • The youngest martyr is Ali Ayman Abu Alya (13 years old), who was martyred on December 4, 2020, in Al Mughayyir village / Ramallah.
  • The oldest of the martyrs was Saadi Mahmoud Khalil al-Gharabli (75 years), al-Shija’iya / Gaza, who was martyred in prison as a result of medical negligence, on (7/8/2020) after being arrested for 26 years.
  • The number of children martyrs (less than 18 years) is 8.
  • The number of martyrs of the Palestinian Political Captives’ Movement is 6.
  • 3 martyrs targeted by the occupation forces, either by air or artillery shelling.
  • One martyr with special needs is Iyad Khairy Al Hallaq, from Jerusalem.
  • The number of married martyrs (13 male) and (1 female).
  • The average age of the martyrs is 28 years.
  • The number of the martyrs’ bodies held by the Israeli occupation during the past year was 13.
  • The number of bodies held by the occupation during the last five years is 73.
  • The total number of the martyrs’ bodies held by the Israeli occupation is 327.

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