490 Israeli Violations Against Journalists in 2020

Israeli occupation authorities continue their policies of blocking truth through targeting journalists. In this regard, Palestinian Journalists’ Syndicate monitored 490 Israeli violations against journalists in the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and occupied Jerusalem during 2020.

  • Jerusalem recorded 106 violations, which means that Israeli occupation directly targets journalists in order to prevent covering in the capital.
  • Photographers were the most frequent targets suffering from the occupation crimes: Journalists (164) violations, correspondents (90) violations, female journalists (63) violations.
  • 15 male and female journalists were injured with Israeli occupation bullets, including (12) direct injuries in the body with gas bombs, stun grenades and live bullets, as well as (89) suffocations cases as a result tear-gas bombs.
  • Number of cases needed treatment in hospitals was 25, and other 72 cases needed field treatment.
  • 36 journalists were arrested, while other 44 journalists were taken to the oppressive occupation courts, as well as fines and penalties.
  • since 2012, number of violations against journalists is 4200; 500 violations per year.

The international humanitarian law stipulates that civil journalists who perform their duties in conflict areas must be respected and protected from all deliberate attacks.

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