2000 is how the “settler state” has expanded in the Palestinian territories since

On the borders of June 4, 1967 – the settlement project was launched and went deeply into the occupied West Bank territories to establish a “settler state”, in contradiction to the international conventions.

The settlement project’s incursion into the Palestinian lands, on both sides of the Green Line, comes with the support of the successive Israeli governments since the 48th Nakba, which continued this approach after the occupation of the West Bank and Jerusalem in 1967, through official governmental encouragement for Jews to move to live in settlements.

To encourage settlers’ relocation, official government data showed that every Israeli who moves to live in settlements receives a yearly support of more than 50 thousand dollars, in addition to concessions, tax exemptions, benefits, incentives and many facilities, and developing financial projects inside and around them.

Government policies supporting the settlement environment have motivated many low-income Jewish families to buy homes in settlements, according to an investigation by the Israeli “B’Tselem” Center for Human Rights, which revealed that the number of settlers in the West Bank has increased by 222% since 2000.

The Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics data show that the annual natural increase in settlers has reached 3.2%, while the natural increase in Israel has reached 1.9%, and since 2010 the population of settlers has increased by 42%, with the addition of 75 new settlement outposts and settlement farms on land privately owned by Palestinians. Notably that the total number of outposts is 150, 15 of them were legalized by the occupation government during the last year.

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