Israeli discrimination against Palestinians constitutes a real Apartheid

“Israel practices apartheid against Palestinians … This is the result that many human rights organizations came out with in the past, and this is what the largest human rights organization recently confirmed,” Human Rights Watch, and this is what the professor of international law at the Irish University of “Maynooth” in his article in “Irish Times” newspaper.

In 1961, Hendrik Verwoerd declared that “Israel, like South Africa, is an apartheid state.” In the sixty years that followed, Israeli apartheid did not fade away. In 1965, Fayez Al-Sayegh wrote about “The exerciser of Apartheid in Palestine”. In the 1970s, Edward Said described the Israeli-Palestinian relationship as “a defined and continuous process of dispossession, displacement, and de facto colonial apartheid.”

Prominent South Africans from Desmond Tutu to Ronnie Kasrils say the conditions they witnessed in Palestine strongly remind them of their own experiences with apartheid.

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