Weekly report on Israeli violations in the occupied Palestinian territory From (22-04-2021 – 28 -04-2021)

Weekly report on Israeli violations in the occupied Palestinian territory

From (22-04-2021 – 28 -04-2021)


The Israeli military occupation forces continued to commit their compound crimes and violations against Palestinian civilians and their property, by storming Palestinian cities using excessive force and carrying out raids, arrests and acts of abuse against Palestinian citizens. Most of which were mainly during night and dawn resulting in more terror against civilians. This week, the Israeli crackdown on worshipers in Bab al-Amud area leading to Al-Aqsa Mosque was clear, as dozens of injuries and arrests were recorded.


  • (181) civilians, including (4) journalists and (3) children, were injured in the excessive use of force by the Israeli occupation army in the West Bank, including occupied Jerusalem.
  • (177) Palestinians were injured, including 4 journalists, in occupied Jerusalem by the Israeli occupation army.
  • The occupation army fired shots (5) times towards the agricultural lands and protesters east of Gaza Strip.
  • A fisherman was wounded and a boat was damaged in (5) shootings towards fishermen’s boats off the Strip carried out by the Israeli occupation army.
  • The Occupation Army arrested (150) Palestinians, including (12) children, two journalists, a writer and a paramedic.
  • The occupation endorsed the confiscation of 147 dunums of Palestinian lands west of Bethlehem for settlement purposes.
  • Wide assaults carried out by settler gangs: shooting, attacks on Palestinians, orgy and uprooting of trees in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem.
  • The occupation army set up (39) military checkpoints between the cities and towns of the West Bank, which hindered the free natural movement between the governorates.

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