Injuries of Civilians 19-07-2014

A youth was shot with rubber-coated metal bullet and dozens suffered from suffocation due to inhaling tear gas during clashes with Israeli forces, at the entrance to Shuqba village, west of Ramallah.
Three youths were injured by rubber bullets during violent clashes between youths from Silwad village north of Ramallah and the occupation forces. The occupation forces stormed the town, clashed with dozens of youths who threw stones, empty bottles and Molotov cocktails, and chased the occupation forces in more than one place, and the occupation forces deliberately fired gas bombs towards the houses of the citizens in the town.
Ten Palestinian youths were injured by live ammunition and rubber bullets during the clashes that broke out near the Jalazoun refugee camp between Israeli occupation forces and the angry youths of the camp. Four youths were injured with live ammunition, three with Tutu bullets and three with rubber bullets, as well as dozens of injuries caused by severe choking tear gas canisters.

A number of citizens in Taiba village suffered from suffocation whrn the occupation forces launched tear gas canisters at village houses.
A citizen was shot with live ammunition, and dozens of cases were injured with suffocation in clashes with Israeli forces in Bab Alzawya area in Hebron center, and on Halhul Bridge and Ras Al-Jura. The occupation forces launched rubber, live bullets, and stun grenades and tear gas towards the citizens, what caused the injury of a number of them, and cases of suffocation who were treated in the field, as a citizen was injured by live bullets in the thigh and was transferred by ambulance to the Red Crescent Ahli hospital for treatment.

Three young men were injured with rubber bullets, and two were wounded with gas canisters directly at the shoulder and under the left jaw during clashes in Arroub camp and treated dozens of cases of suffocation, two cases were transferred to a hospital in Hebron for treatment.

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