Settler Gangs Continue their Terrorist Assaults on Palestinians

In the governorate of Hebron, south of the West Bank, Settlers attacked on Monday 3-5-2021 Palestinians, beat them and sprayed pepper gas toward them while they (Palestinians) were trying to prevent establishment of a settlement Caravan in their agricultural lands, east of Hebron.

The land owner, Aref Jaber, said that a number of settlers stormed his 25-dunums land in the area of Baqaa, near the settlement of “Keryat Arba” located on Palestinian land east of Hebron city. Settlers tried to establish a Caravan in that land in order to take it over under the protection of occupation soldiers.

In Nablus, south of the West Bank, settlers attacked in Monday 3-5-2021 a vehicle owned by the Palestinian citizen Mohammed Najeh Najjar, near Boreen town south of Nablus. Settlers threw stones toward the car then damaged it. The citizen Najjar was accompanied by his family members while being targeted by settlers who terrified them.

In Ramallah, in the middle of the West Bank, The citizen Najah Owis from Al-Luban Al-Sharqeyah was wounded on Tuesday 4-5-2021 after settlers threw stones toward vehicles of Palestinians near the settlement of “Shilo” located on the Lands of Tormosayya, north of Ramallah.

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