Israeli Minister of Interior Elit Shaked Addresses Settler Leaders:  We Support Settlements in the West Bank

The new rightist Israeli government is supporting settlement in occupied the West Bank as a priority. This is reaffirmed by Israeli Minister of Interior Elit Shaked who confirmed again her support for settlement.

According to Russian-speaking website Mea News, the Israeli minister met with a number of settlement leaders in the West Bank on 28-6-2021 in the occupied Jerusalem.

The meeting was attended by head of the West Bank Settlements Council (David Elhayani), the mayor of Ma’ale Adumim settlement (Bnei Kashriel), and the mayor of “Betar Illit” settlement (Meir Rubinstein), Shomron Council Chairman (Yossi Dagan), Kedumim Settlement Council Chairman (Hananel Durrani), Beit El Settlement Council Chairman (Shai Alon), and Karnei Shomron Settlement Council Chairman (Yigal Lahav), Kiryat Arba Settlement Council Chairman (Eliyahu Liebman), Elkana Regional Council Chairman (Assaf Munser), Har Adar Council Chairman (Mandel Shaked), and (Yigal Dilmoni) director General of the West Bank Settlements Council.

Shaked said in the meeting: “We support the settlements in Judea and Samaria and their wonderful residents and the city leaders. The Ministry of Interior under my leadership is your home. I promise to do everything possible to address the complex issues and develop the settlements”.

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