(100)  violations by the Israeli occupation authorities against Palestinian journalists during June 2021

The Palestinian Ministry of Information monitored (100) violations by the Israeli occupation authorities against Palestinian journalists and their media institutions, during the period between 1 to 30 of June 2021, where the Israeli occupation army targeted (42) journalists, including 14 female journalists and more than ( 5) Press crews, and (33) websites and media pages

the Israeli occupation forces beat (13) journalists and sprayed  them with pepper, especially in the city of Jerusalem

In addition, 11 journalists were injured by shrapnel, wounds and bruises.

The Ministry monitored (7) cases of arrests and detention renewals. and The occupation forces arrested Al-Jazeera correspondent Guevara Al-Budairi for four hours on 5/6/2021, and beat her while she was tied to an occupation police car, and prevented her from news covering in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in Jerusalem On 6/6/2021, also the occupation forces arrested  the journalist and activist Mona Al-Kurd, and the “Salem” Israeli Military Court postponed hearing the case of Al-Ghad channel cameraman Hazem Nasser more than once.

On 11/6/2021, the Israeli occupation forces renewed the decision to close the official Palestine TV office and prevent its work staff in Jerusalem for the fourth time in a row, and the media companies that provide media services threatened not to work for it by any means.

The ministry also documented more than (5) attacks on press crews, such as the beating of Palestine  TV crew west of Ramallah on 20/6/2021.

The Israeli violations during this month:

  • 13 Assaults with beatings and pepper spray
  • 11 Shrapnel, cuts and bruises
  • 7 severe suffocation
  • 1 Direct wastewater spraying
  • 4 detention
  • 5 Confiscation and destruction of equipment
  • 2 Banned from coverage
  • 2 home confinement
  • 4 Imposition of a fine
  • 2 prevention of communication between journalists
  • 7 Arrests and extension of detention
  • 4 Keeping away from Al-Aqsa Mosque
  • 2 Raid on the journalist’s houses
  • 1 Storming a printing house
  • Renewing the ban on Palestine TV from working in Jerusalem
  • 33 Blocking on social media

Geographical distribution of these violations:

  • Jerusalem 35
  • Nablus 5
  • Ramallah 4
  • Bethlehem 4
  • Qalqilya 2
  • Occupation Prisons 4

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