Tuesday , 16 July 2024

Israeli Sport Apartheid

Israeli Apartheid against Palestinians and Arabs living in Israel is clear in a number of fields, one of them is the absence of any Arab Israeli citizen in the Israel Olympic team who played in the latest Olympic games in Tokyo 2021. It is worth mentioning that Palestinian in Israel constitute 20% of the population, but the Israeli Olympic team which contained 90 players had no one Arab player.

The Palestinian citizen in Israel Jack Khouri says “No Arab community has the infrastructure for any sport that could provide local athletes the basis they need to progress to an international level. If an Arab athlete wishes to reach this standard, he or she must move to a Jewish community and depend on their family’s financial support, since there is no sponsor or organization that would support them. Many talented athletes in Arab communities have given up their dreams due to the costs involved”.

Jack Khoury ends his article: “Arab citizens are only watching the Games on television, and will apparently continue to do so for many more years.”

“Sports Apartheid” is the correct term for preventing 20 percent of the citizens of Israel from competing internationally. What’s also amazing is that until now, no one in the U.S. mainstream press has even bothered to report on this injustice.

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