The constant terrorism of settlers: the death of an elderly Palestinian woman due to a run over crime committed by a settler north of Ramallah

Ramallah 24-12-2021 a grievous field execution crime committed by a terrorist settler against the Palestinian Ghadeer Anis Masalmeh (55 years), as the terrorist settler deliberately ran over her while she was at the entrance to the town of Sinjel and fled from the place.

This is not the first run-over crime carried out by settler gangs in the same location. A settler ran over two Palestinian girls in 2014, in the same area, which led to the death of one of them, the child Inas Shawkat Dar Khalil, while Tolin Asfour’s was injured and disabled for life.

This terrorism is sponsored by the occupation government by the settler terrorist gangs in the West Bank with the aim of narrowing life for the Palestinians and strengthening the existence of the settlers’ state at the expense of the Palestinian towns in the West Bank.

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