Arrests of Civilians 10-09-2014

Jerusalem-IDF arrested the child Mohammed Hadad 13-year-old from the area of Sa’adeyah.

Jerusalem-A group of settlers stormed Al-Aqsa mosque yards.

Ramallah- IDF stormed the area of Sateh Marhaba in Ramallah and arrested Ma’amoun Awwad.

Nablus- At Za’tara military checkpoint, IDF arrested the citizen Mo’ayad Abu Mtawe’ from the city of Tubas.

Jenin-At Hamra military checkpoint, IDF arrested the citizens Osaid Abu Araa 19-year-old and Oday Shahrouri 24-year-old from Tubas.
IDF arrested the citizens Tha’er Reda Shalaldeh from the town of Saeer and Salah Husneyah from Aroub refugee camp.

Hebron-IDF provocatively stormed the area of Safa, to the north of Beet Ummar, and arrested the citizens Mohammed Nawaf Mohammed Adi 18-year-old and Ali Sami Hassan Adi 17-year-old before being sent into “Itsioun” military post.

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