Arrests of Civilians –23-07-2014

IFD arrested Jehad Saleh Khloof 21-year-old during his presence in Israeli under the pretext of lacking permission.
IOF stormed the area of Maajeen and arrested Montaser Musatafa and Mutasem Olewi ad Samer Dawood Abdullah from the village of Dir Ballot.
IDF arrested Saeed Salman Abu Tahoon 23-year-old from Tulkarm refugee camp.
IDF stormed the village of Amateen and arrested Yahya Mustafa Sawaf 24-year-old, Mohammad Assaf Ghanem 23-year-old, Hussein Mohannad Bari 23-year-old and Jawad Adel Bari 22-year-old.
IDF arrested Abed al-Khaleel Mohammad Mu’ammar in the town of Bateer.

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