Monday , 24 June 2024
أفينوعم أمونا
أفينوعم أمونا

One of the Israeli Army Commanders Addressing his Soldiers during the Aggression on Gaza – Kill them and Enjoy

A dangerous video for a colonel in the Israeli occupation army “Avenoem Amona” during the war on Gaza in 2014.

In the video, the colonel “Amona” appears calling his soldiers to kill all Palestinians while enjoying the action.

He addressed his soldiers saying “in This night, it is not pleasing that a human is an Arabian”.

He added addressing his soldiers “You will see them fleeing all time – Kill them while they are fleeing”, he meant the residents of Gaza.

He concluded his address to his soldiers saying “Try to enjoy what you are doing”.

This is the army which its commanders claim it’s the most moral army in the world!

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