In One Night, 34 Palestinians Injured and 140 Vehicles Damaged by Settler Gangs

More than 34 Palestinians were injured on Tuesday 20-6-2023 after settler gangs attacked them in the area between Tormosayya near Ramallah and Dir Sharaf near Nablus.

Settler attacks led to the injury of 34 Palestinians using live bullets, metal bullets, rocks, tear gas. These attacks included damaging 140 vehicles owned by Palestinians, including burning an ambulance and a vehicle belonging to a citizen from Huwara town.

In addition, settler gangs launched attacks on the villages and towns of Turmusaya, Beit Furik, Awarta, Hawara, Al-Laban Al-Sharqiya, Al-Sawiya, Za’tara, Yasouf and Deir Sharaf, and burned large areas of agricultural crops, car washes at the entrance to Al-Loban Al-Sharqiya.

ارهاب المستوطنين

ارهاب المستوطنين
ارهاب المستوطنين

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