Arrests of Civilians 20-09-2014

Bethlehem- The occupation forces arrested the elderly Khalil Yousef Az-Zeer (59 years) from Harmala village, southeast of Bethlehem, after storming his house and searching it. The occupation forces handed the youth Mohamed Adel Amour (22 years), from Tekoa town, east of Bethlehem, a notification to review the occupation intelligence in ‘Gush Etzion’, settlement complex, south of Bethlehem after storming his home.

Hebron- The occupation forces arrested the boy Hassan Albatsh (16 years old) from the old town of Hebron.

Hebron – The occupation forces raided Al-A’rroub refugee camp, north of Hebron, and arrested four citizens: Mohammed A’atef At-Titi (19 years), Ibrahim Tayseer At-Titi (18 years), Khaled Al-Jundi (47 years) and Rawhi Khaled Al-Jundi (21 years), after searching their homes and tampering with their contents. They took them to the ‘Etzion’ settlement complex, north of Hebron. The occupation forces also handed Mohammed Musa At-Titi (60 years), and his two sons, Amir (18 years), and Medhat (21 years), notifications to review the intelligence. Hebron

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