Curfew 21-09-2014

Ramallah – The occupation forces stormed the villages and towns of A’rura, A’bwein, Singil, A’jjul, Al-Mughayyir, Abu Falah, Turmus A’yya Jaljaliyya and Al-Balou in Ramallah.

Nablus – The occupation forces stormed Nablus city.

Salfeit – The occupation forces stormed Salfit city and handed the citizen: Khalil Fatuna a communiqué to review their intelligence. They also stormed Haris village and handed the citizen: Saleim Sultan a communiqué to review their intelligence and they stormed Deir Istia village and carried out patrol.

Jenin- The occupation forces stormed the villages of Burqin, Wade Burkin and Bir Al-Basha and raided and searched a number of houses.

Bethlehem- The occupation forces stormed al-Khader town, south of Bethlehem. A large force of the Israeli army stormed the town and stationed in the area of the gate on the main Hebron Jerusalem Street, amid intense security measures. The Israeli soldiers raided the shops and questioned their owners and some citizens.

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