Occupation issues Demolitions Notices of 200 Houses and Facilities Partially and Fully in the Old City of Jerusalem

Israeli occupation forces issued on Sunday 14-1-2024 notices of demolition against 200 houses and facilities and rooms, partially and fully, in the old city of the occupied Jerusalem.

Local sources said that occupation forces issued notices of demolition against houses completely, and others partially, including rooms and any annexations to houses that were added before 2015.

The sources added that occupation forces gave a time limit to owners of facilities and houses to demolish them by themselves, otherwise municipality staff with impose financial penalties after demolishing them.

It is worth mentioning that the size of the old city doesn’t exceed 1 kilo meter, inhabited by 35 thousand Jerusalemite citizens, suffering siege since 7 of October.

According to the Jerusalem Governorate’s annual report on the crimes and violations of the Israeli occupation in the occupied capital during the year 2023, the number of demolition operations in the Jerusalem Governorate reached 316, of which 79 were forced self-demolitions, in addition to 40 demolitions by bulldozers. The occupation authorities also handed over 263 demolitions notices during the same year.

According to the same report, Israeli occupation authorities approved in 2023 about 29 colonial projects in the governorate of Jerusalem.

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