Military Checkpoints 27-09-2014

Jenin- The Israeli occupation forces set up a military checkpoint near Ya’bad village, south of Jenin city. The Israeli occupation forces started searching vehicles on the public road to the village and checking identities of citizens and searching them in a humiliating manner.

Nablus- The Israeli occupation forces imposed tight security procedures at Hawwara checkpoint at the southern entrance to Nablus city. The Israeli forces prevented all the vehicles coming from Nablus to go out through the checkpoint, and directed traffic to the A’warta checkpoint, and the occupation forces began inspections and checking to the identities of citizens and their vehicles, especially heading to Nablus, which caused a big traffic jam in the vicinity of the checkpoint.

Hebron- The Israeli forces set up military checkpoints at the northern entrances to Hebron, and the entrances to the towns of Halhoul, Dura and Seir. They stopped vehicles of citizens, inspected them and checked the personal identity cards of the passengers causing obstruction in their passage.

Hebron- The occupation forces detained citizens at the entrances to Beit Ummar town, and carried out inspections to the vehicles and provocative operations against the citizens by seating them on the ground, and after checking their identity cards, forcing them to return to their homes. The occupation forces also hampered the entry and exit of farmers to and from the Central Market, adjacent to Hebron Jerusalem Street. The detention operations included staff and workers on their way to work, it should be noted that these attacks are taking place despite the state of calm in the area.

Hebron- The Israeli forces carried out raids with their military patrols in neighborhoods Ras Al-Jura and Farsh Al-Hawa in Hebron. The Israeli soldiers searched a house belonging to Muaath Ar-Rajaby after storming Wadi Al-Qadi in the southern area of Hebron city.

Hebron- The occupation forces raided Idna and Halhul towns. No arrests were reported.

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