1,242 attacks on Palestinians carried out by the occupation and its colonizers in the West Bank and Jerusalem during April 2024

A report by the Wall and Settlement Resistance Commission said that the Israeli occupation forces and colonists carried out 1,242 attacks during the month of April.

It was stated in the Commission’s monthly report that the occupation forces carried out 895 attacks, while the colonists carried out 347 attacks, concentrated in the Nablus Governorate with 202 attacks, the Hebron Governorate with 188 attacks, and the Ramallah Governorate with 186 attacks.

5 martyrs and dozens of homes and vehicles burned as a result of colonialist attacks

The report indicated that the settlers’ attacks were concentrated in Nablus Governorate, with 118 attacks, 83 attacks in Ramallah Governorate, and 34 attacks in Hebron Governorate, which resulted in the martyrdom of five Palestinians.

Seizing 172 acres and approving 7 colonial structural plans

The report indicated that the occupation authorities seized about 172 acres of Palestinian land in the village of Arab Al-Ta’amra, east of Bethlehem Governorate, to expand the borders of the “Sidi Bar” colony established on citizens’ lands in the Al-Uqban area in the town of Al-Ta’amra.

The occupation authorities are studying 19 structural plans for the settlements of the West Bank and Jerusalem, and have approved 7 of them, 5 in Jerusalem, in addition to two plans in the West Bank, specifically for the colonies of “Kfar Etzion” in the Bethlehem Governorate, and “Al-Kanat” in the Salfit Governorate.

The occupation authorities also deposited 12 plans, including 5 in Jerusalem and 7 in the West Bank governorates, to build 2,288 new colonial units, targeting 3,036 acres of citizens’ land.

The authority indicated that the occupation authorities had issued a tender to build 1,047 colonial units in the “Lower Canal” colony between the neighborhoods of Beit Safafa and Sur Baher inside Jerusalem.

Legitimizing 5 new colonial outposts

The Minister of Finance of the extremist occupation, Bezalel Smotrich, announced the legalization of 5 colonial outposts out of 10 outposts that were announced as the occupation’s intention to legalize and transform them into official colonies receiving financial allocations for development.

Demolishing 33 homes and facilities and threatening to demolish 18 others

The Commission’s report indicated that the occupation authorities carried out 28 demolition operations last April, affecting 33 facilities, including 8 inhabited homes, 3 uninhabited, and 5 agricultural and other facilities, belonging to Palestinians, and were concentrated in the governorates of Jerusalem, Tulkarm, Jericho, and Hebron. It also notified the demolition of 18 homes and facilities in the governorates of Ramallah, Al-Bireh, Salfit, and Hebron.

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