Arrests of Civilians 06-08-2014

IDF stormed the town of Sila Harthia and arrested Samer Hasan Jaradat 26-year-old.

IDF arrested the girl Bayroot Ali Mohammad 17-year-old at Za’tara military checkpoint before sending her to one of the Israeli investigation stations for hours. IDF also arrested Mohammad Hussein Boheri 45-year-old from the town of Aqaba.
IDF stormed the town of Sayda and broke into a house belonging to Yasser Ajaj and delivered him a notice to meet Israeli intelligence.

IDF stormed the village of Baqa Sharqya and arrested Haitham Mahmoud Fadel 29-year-old.
IDF arrested Islam Jamal Abu Basmeh 21-year-old after breaking into his house.
IDF stormed the city of Hebron and arrested the ex-detainees Ibrahim Fadel Jaber, Taleb Ahmad Jamal and Abdullah Ahmad Suliman Abu Sneineh after breaking into their houses.

IDF stormed the town of Halhoul and arrested Safwat Sameer Khaleel and Ibrahim Ahmad Zaaqeeq.

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