Arrests of Civilians 31-10-2014

Jerusalem- The Israeli occupation forces arrested four citizens from Wadi Hilwih neighborhood in Silwan, they are: Jawad Siam and his nephew Yazan Siam, Mahmoud Ghaith and Muntasir Faraj.

Jerusalem- The occupation forces arrested the paramedic at the Red Crescent Nidal Abu Gharbiyya.

Jerusalem-The occupation forces arrested Tawfiq Hirbawi from Wade Al-Juz after shooting him.

Tulkarem-The Israeli forces stormed Beit Lid town and arrested both Citizens Samir Ahmed Hamidih and Yazan Mohammed Hamidi.

Jenin-The Israeli forces arrested the youth Ayser Ibrahim Turkmen (30 years) from Az-Zababda town after raiding and searching his family’s home and tampering with its contents, and raided the homes of the brothers Thaer, Mohammed and Ahmed Nafi’ Sharqawi. They searched the homes and tampered with their contents and questioned their residents.

Bethlehem- The Israeli forces arrested Omar Abu Hussein from AS-Sawahrih.

Bethlehem- The occupation forces arrested Shihab Ad-Dein Mohammed At-Titi.

Hebron – The Israeli forces arrested the citizen Mohammed Mahmoud Al-Fasfus from Surif.

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