Arrests of Civilians 14-11-2014

Jerusalem – The Israeli forces arrested 13 children and a young man after they raided different areas in the occupied city of Jerusalem. The occupation forces arrested four children from Beit Hanina and sent them to investigation ‘Russian Compound’ prison, the children are: Yousef Abu Rumaila, Majid Taha, Mohammed Al-Bakri, Ahmad Al-Bakri, they are aged between 14 and 15 years old, they also arrested each of: Sharif Rajaby, Ihab Sarhan and Mohammed Razim from Silwan, in addition to the citizen Essam Sidir from At-Thury neighborhood in the city.

Jerusalem- The occupation special forces and intelligence services stormed Issawiya village, and arrested five citizens. They are: Yahya Ali Mustafa (23 years), the released prisoner Majd Mohammed Darwish (24 years), Mousa Mohammed Derbas (25 years), Tamer U’beid and Nadim U’beid.

Ramallah – The Israeli forces arrested three youths from Silwad town, they are: Ahmed Hatim Hamid, Asif Omar Hamed and Rasim Radwan Hamid.

Jenin – The Israeli forces arrested the youth Mahir Jamil Khamaiseh (27 years), from Yamoun town at Shavi shomron checkpoint, south of Nablus.

Hebron – The Israeli occupation forces arrested two citizens arrested from Beit A’wwa and Beit Kahil towns, the occupation forces carried out raids and search operations in Beit Awwa, and arrested Moataz Ribhi Al-Masalmih (20 years old), and took him to an unknown destination, and these forces arrested the boy Ali Jawad A’tawneh (17 years), from Beit Kahil and took him to an unknown destination.

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