Arrests of Civilians 20-11-2014

Jerusalem – The Israeli forces closed all entrances to Jerusalem and clashes erupted in Sur Baher, they arrested six youths. They are: Mourad Bkirat, Ubaida Amira, Amira Amira, Qasim Hamidia, Muawiya Abu Jamal and Talal E’oissat.

Jerusalem- The Israeli occupation forces arrested Ahmed Mohamed As-Shawamrih from Ar-Ram town after storming his family’s home and sabotaging its contents.

Jerusalem- The Israeli forces arrested each of Ahmed Agha, Munir Hamid, Mohamed Raslan, Rashid Ahmad Nimer and Tariq Ahmed Nimer.

Hebron – The Israeli forces arrested three citizens from Beit Ummar town after raiding their homes. They are: Iyad Omar Khalil Salman Sabarneh (20 years), Rami Ibrahim Murshid Sabarneh (25 years) and Ayman Azzam Hosni Za’aaqik (29 years),

Hebron- The Israeli forces arrested ten youths from Hebron Governorate. They are: Muaath Jihad Suwayti, Mustafa Abed Al-Hamid Masalmih, Mohammed Al-Hrub, Rami Ibrahim Sabarneh, Ayman Azzam Za’aaqik, Islam Arafat Al-Hidmi, Rami Jihad Al-Khatib, Ahmed Samer Al-A’azza, Dia Abu Dawud and Azzam Ishaq Jaber.

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