Arrests of Civilians 24-11-2014

Jerusalem- Israeli occupation forces arrested Shorouq Ayman Rateb Abu Teer 21-year-old and sent her into the investigation station of alMaskobeyah.

Jerusalem- Israeli occupation forces stormed the town of al-Eisaweyah and arrested Mahmoud Abdullah Dari and Odai Ourri. Soldiers also stormed the area of Jabal al-Mokaber and arrested Zeid Abed Rabo Khalalyleh 22-year-old and Omar Hasan Hijazi 21-year-old. Israeli occupation forces also raided the town of Silwan and arrested Hasan Sameer Khalfawi 18-year-old and Majd Ghayth.

Nablus- Israeli occupation forces raided the neighborhood of Maajeen in Nablus and stormed a house belonging to Abed al-Jabar Dwekat and arrested his son Adel 26-year-old.

Nablus- Israeli occupation forces arrested Fadi Musallam at Zaatarah checkpoint.

Tulkarm- Israeli occupation forces stormed the village of Atil and arrested Marwan Mahmoud Sosqi.

Bethlehem- Israeli occupation forces stormed the town of Housan and arrested Tharwat Tareq Hamamrah 29-year-old.

Hebron- Israeli occupation forces stormed the town of Beet Awwa and arrested Waleed Abu Ghalasi, Yousef Jamal, Odai Masalmah, Hasan Msalma, Mohammad Masalma and Hammam Masalma and sent them into unknown destination.

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