Arrests of Civilians 01-12-2014

Jerusalem- Israeli occupation forces raided the neighborhood of Ras al-Amoud in the town of Silwan and arrested 3 members of one family: Zaed, Yazan and Rami Najdi. Soldiers also stormed the Shufat refugee camp and the old city of Jerusalem before breaking into a house belonging to Mohammed al-Atrash, arresting him and confiscating his PC.

Jerusalem- Israeli occupation forces arrested 3 members of the family of the detainee Omar Ibrahim Abasi during a session held in the Israeli central court of Jerusalem: Ali Ibrahim Abasi 25-year-old, his uncle Ali Abasi and his relative Emad mHanna 27-year-old.

Jerusalem- Israeli occupation forces arrested Mohammed Hijazi 30-year-old and Sufian Abu Jamal 27-year-old.

Ramallah- Israeli occupation forces stormed the town of Silwad and arrested the ex-detainee Basam Hamed 40-year-old.

Jenin- Israeli occupation forces arrested a college student from the Jenin refugee camp: Nemer Basam Damaj 23-year-old.

Bethlehem- Israeli occupation forces arrested Jehad Taqatqah, father of the girl Amal Taqatqah who was shot by Israelis.

Hebron- Israeli occupation forces stormed the town of Beet Kahel and arrested the citizen Emad al-Deen Asafrah.

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