Arrests of Civilians 03-12-2014

Jerusalem- Israeli soldiers stormed the area of Jabal al-Mokaber and arrested Fadi Azmi Abdo 28-year-old and Jamal Ahmad Abu Teer 28-year-old.

Jerusalem- Israeli forces arrested Majdi Abu Halawa 35-year-old.

Jerusalem- Israeli forces kidnapped the child Obaidah Ayesh from the area of Ein al-Louz in the town of Silwan and sent him into unknown destination.

Bethlehem- Israeli soldiers stormed the town of Taqou’ and arrested 11 citizens: Ammar Yaser Omour 16-year-old, Loay Habes Omour 15-year-old, Mahmoud Omour 15-year-old, Mohammed Sameer Omour 20-year-old, Ahmad Sameer Omour 15-year-old, Alaa Sami Omour 15-year-old, Ammar Nasri Omour 15-year-old, Motaz Khader Omour 16-year-old, Musa Jawdat Omour 13-year-old, Ahmad Mahmoud Omour 15-year-old and Qusai Mahmoud Omour 15-year-old.

Hebron- Israeli forces stormed the town of Samou’ and arrested Moyad Abed Abu Tabekh 21-year-old.

Hebron- Israeli forces arrested Raafat Yousef Shalaldeh from the town of Saeer and Mohammed Amro from the town of Dura.

Hebron- Israeli forces stormed the Fuwar refugee camp and arrested Rajeh Abu Ajameyah 42-year-old and Yamen Omar Khashan 22-year-old.

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