Arrests of Civilians 04-12-2014

Jerusalem- The occupation forces arrested Jamil Abbasi (35 years), when they suppressed a crowd to receive two released captives in Silwan towns.

Jerusalem- The Israeli occupation forces arrested nine people, including six minors from the occupied city of Jerusalem. They are: Haj Mahmoud Abu-Ghazaleh (72 years), and his son Ali (29 years), and his son Majdi after breaking into their house in ‘Sawana’ neighborhood. The minors are: Muaath As-Salayma, Mohammed As-Salayma, Ashraf E’wissat, Saber U’beid, Faris E’wissat and Mohammed Saleh, they also arrested Majed Abu Nijmih, Omar Shweiki and Ibrahim Abu Mayyala, from At-Thury neighborhood in Silwan.

Jerusalem- The Israeli forces arrested Ashraf E’wissat citizens (40 years), and Faris E’wissat (22 years) after raiding their homes in Jabal Al-Mukabbir.

Ramallah- The Israeli occupation forces raided Dura Al-Qari’ village and arrested the two youths Nasim Al-A’bid Mukhtar, and Hassan Mahmoud Yassin, after raiding their homes.

Ramallah- The occupation forces arrested Abdel-Rahman Mahmoud Abdel-Rahman al-Barghouthi, 18 years, from Deir Abu Mashal town.

Jenin – The Israeli forces arrested the youth Yusif Taysir Amarna (38 years), after storming Zibda village and raiding his family’s home and searching it in Ya’bad area.

Jenin- The Israeli forces arrested the youth Fathi Bassam As-Sa’adi (20 years), after storming the city and the camp, firing amid firing stun grenades and raiding his family’s home, searching it and tampering with its contents.

Nablus – The Israeli occupation forces arrested Abed Al-Fattah Mustafa, 23 years.

Qalqilya – The Israeli forces raided Qalqilya and arrested Abed Al-Karim Al-Ja’dy.

Hebron – The Israeli forces carried out raids and searches in Tarqumiya town, and destroyed the contents of a shop belongs to Tamir A’arif Qabajah, then arrested him and his brother Rawhi.

Bethlehem- The occupation forces stormed Tekoa town and arrested six young men, they are: Mohammad Habis Al-A’mour, Abed A’adil Al-A’mour,
Ahmed Ibrahim Theib Al-A’mour, Musa Akram Mohammed Al-A’mour and the two brothers Mohammed and Ahmed Abu Mifrih.

Bethlehem- The occupation forces stormed Beit Fajjar town and arrested Hassan Thawabtih.

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