Israeli Occupation Forces killed The Palestinian minister Zeyad Abu Ein During clashes near Ramallah

Wednesday, December 10, 2014, The Palestinian minister in charge of the struggle over the West Bank Separation Wall was killed by Israeli soldiers during a protest near Ramallah. During the clashes, other activists were wounded by the Israeli forces. It’s worth mentioning that the Palestinians were organizing an event to plant olive trees in the town of Turmos Aya to the north of Ramallah, celebrating the international day of human rights.

Anti-wall and Settlement Commission affirmed that its head Zeyad Abu Ein was murdered after Israeli soldiers assaulted him.

Abdullah Abu Rahma, coordinator of the popular committee of the struggle over the Wall said that “The Israeli soldiers attacked the event organized by the Palestinians in the town of Turmos Aya near the settlement of Adi Ad, where soldiers suppressed it and fired tear gas grenades resulting in the injury of a number of the activists who suffered suffocation injuries.”

A Palestinian source said that Abu Ein was severely beaten in the head by Israeli soldiers whereas he fell amid tear gas and smoke. The same source also said Abu Ein was sent into hospital before announcing his death.

Israeli soldiers also arrested the activist Ahmad Abu Rahma and another one, before arresting the Jordanian channel Ro’ya cameraman.

It’s worth mentioning that the event of planting olive trees is being organized in the same day of the international day of human rights, and also after a lawsuit has been filed to the Israeli supreme court against the said settlement, where a team of lawyers has already been formed supported by the popular committee of evicting the settlement.

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