Israel seized eight thousand dunums in the West Bank and Jerusalem in the past year

The year 2014 saw an increase in the pace of settlement construction and expansion and distribution of new settlement units to settlements.

The occupation authorities approved plans and tenders and issued building permits for about 14043 housing units in the West Bank and Jerusalem settlements, some of them were constructed, some are under construction and others are waiting for the completion of construction procedures. The distribution of housing units to settlements was as follows:

“Givat Hamatos” settlement 2600, Har Homa 1970, “Ramat Shlomo” 1887, “Ariel” 1015, “Givat Ze’ev” 736, “Gilo” 708, “Lishim” 694, “Beitar Illit” 508, “Efrat” 450, “Elkana” 452, “Shvut Rachel,” 350, “Talpiot” 350, “Bethel,” 290, “Novi Pratt” 256, “Ofra” 250, “Ramot” 216, “Pisgat Ze’ev” 178, “Prophet Jacob” 136, “Kearney Shomron “108,” Amnoial “102,”Alfe Menashe” 78,” Adam, “75,” Shavei Shomron “65,” Jaf Benjamin “38,” Almog” 31, and about 500 housing units distributed to Jerusalem settlements, in addition to legitimizing the outpost the Israeli illegal “Al Matan”, South to “Ma’ale Shomron” settlement in a new and dangerous settlement precedent.
The number of settlers in the West Bank increased in 2014 to reach 389 285 settlers, an increase of 4%, according to figures issued by the Israeli Interior Ministry.

The occupation authorities seized about 8,000 dunums of Palestinian lands in the West Bank and Jerusalem, in addition to (13 439) dunums that the occupation seized allegedly for security reasons. These lands are in Beit Iksa area, north of Jerusalem, in addition to areas west of Ramallah and south of Hebron. The occupation authorities and settlers also uprooted and burned nearly 7,000 trees, mostly olive, almond and grape trees.

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