Israeli Authorities Issued an Administrative Detention Notices Against 8 Palestinian Prisoners

Prisoners Club said that Israeli Authorities issued Administrative Detention notices against 8 Palestinian Prisoners for a period ranging between two months and six months. Among them, 16 prisoners are facing the second or the third administrative detention notice.

The prisoners are:
1. Hamza Mohammed Zalbakh from Hebron: two months
2. Mazen Jamal Natshe from Hebron: 4 months
3. Farouq Eissa Ashour from Hebron: two months
4. Wajdi Ishaq Ataya from Ramallah: 6 months
5. Khaleel Mohammed Abed from Ramallah: 6 months
6. Ashraf Shaker Jneedi from Hebron: 6 months
7. Nael Ismael Ataya from Ramallah: 6 months
8. Nader Mahmoud Jafal from Abi Des: 4 months
9. Tareq Anwar Edees from Hebron: 3 months
10. Ihab Mahmoud Kawazbeh from Hebron: two months
11. Nabeeh Abed al-Azeez Awad from Nablus: 4 months
12. Mohammed Hasan Adi from Hebron: 4 months
13. Fadi Jehad Amro from Hebron: two months and a half
14. Ahmad Salameh Abu Ras from Hebron: 6 months
15. Husam Hatem Abu Lebdeh from Qailqilia: 3 months
16. Sayel Mohammed Abu Ameer from Hebron: 2 months
17. Baker Saeed Belal from Nablus: 6 months
18. Hasan Shehadeh from Jerusalem: 5 months

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