Arrests of Civilians 02-02-2015

• Israeli forces arrested 5 citizens from Qalandia camp in Jerusalem: Mohammed Ali Mateer, Osaid Zeer, Jalal Abu Esbaa, Murah Hamad and Ibrahim Manasra.
• Israeli forces arrested 3 citizens from Bethlehem: Dakhl Allah Nawawrah 22-year-old, Musa Ata Salahat 19-year-old from Bethlehem and Motasem Khaled Orouj 23-year-old from the area of Orouj.
• Israeli forces arrested three ctitizens from Hebron: Waheed Fayez Rajabi 18-year-old, Arafat Talaat Batsh 19-year-old and Ghasan Mohammed Abu Saleh 18-year-old. Israeli forces also stormed both agriculture and finanacial directorates in Hebron.
• Israeli forces arrested Mohammed Bahaa Asous 17-year-old after raiding his parent’s house in the town of Boreen in Nablus.
• Israeli forces arrested Ahmad Abu Samhoud 21-year-old from the town of Burqeen in Jenin.

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