Arrests of Civilians 03-02-2015

Jericho: Israeli forces arrested Mohammed Asi Dumra 36-year-old after storming his house.

Jerusalem: Israeli forces arrested Jehad Qaws 21-year-old after storming his grandfather’s house in the old city of Jerusalem.

Jerusalem: Israeli forces arrested Adnan Ali Daghamseh 53-year-old and Ali Mohammed Daghamseh 28-year-old.

Hebron: Israeli forces arrested Yousef Muneef Qazaz 15-year-old in Hebron.

Hebron: Israeli forces arrested three citizens from the town of Al-Zahereya in Hebron: Ansar Ibrahem Khaleel Shaheen 28-year-old, Khaleel Wuredat 38-year-old and Mutaz Kamel Wuredat 28-year-old.

Jenin: Israeli forces arrested five citizens from the towns of Yaabad, Qabatia and Sanour: Abed al-Jabar Oqab, Mahdi 21-year-old and Ahmad Maher Saeed Zakarneh 19-year-old, Naser Abed al-Hadi Habaybeh 37-year-old and Saed Hani Rasheed Jarar 28-year-old.

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