Arrests 27-5-2015

Jerusalem: Israeli occupation forces arrested on Wednesday a young man from the Old City in Jerusalem, and our correspondent reported witnesses saying: that the occupation forces transfer the young man to the occupation forces Center at the Central Post Office, in front of Bbab Al-saherah, one of the gates of Jerusalem’s Old City, for investigation.
Bethlehem: The occupation authorities arrested on Wednesday three boys of al-Khader village in Bethlehem district, the prisoners’ Club said that the detainees are, Osama Suleiman Salah (15) years, and Hesham Mohamed Zekri (15) years, and Yazan Omar Asfir (14) years.
Nablus: Israeli occupation forces arrested three citizens from the northern town of Nablus’ Asira Alshmaliah. They are Abdul Rahim Hamadneh, Mahmoud Yassin, and Barra’ Jraraah, while arrested another young man from Tulkarem, his name: Ahmad Khair Mohammad Salman (20) years.
Jenin: Israeli forces arrested on Wednesday the citizens Ibtisam Yousef Taha Hamarsheh “59 years” of Jenin, during a visit to her son in “Gilboa” prison, The Hamarsheh is the mother of the prisoner Ali Yahia Hamarsheh, and sentenced to imprisonment for “25 months”.
Jenin: Prisoners’ Club said in a statement on Wednesday that three citizens were detained from Jenin district town of Y’bad, and they both Abdullah Saeed Amarna (22) years, and Mohammed Abdullah Alsorre (25) years, and Mohammed Abdullah Ghanayem (24) years.

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