Arrests of Civilians 3-6-2015

Hebron: IOF raided the town of Beet Awa near Hebron and arrested the Palestinian citizens Yousef Omar Sweti and Waleed Ahmad Abu Turki.

Hebron: IOF arrested 4 citizens from the towns of Beet Umar and Beet Awa near Hebron. Soldiers also raided a number of areas and arrested Belal Mahmoud Awad 19-year-old and Mohammad Hussein Za’azeeq 21-year-old.

Nablus: IOF arrested Mahmoud Abed al-Qaser Joudeh from the town of Araq al-Tayeh, Alaa Hussam Samarah from the town of Beet Umaren and Ghasan Antari from the town of Deer Sharaf.

Tulkarm: IOF arrested top a top official of the Popular Front, Jamal Jameel Barhmam, after raiding his house in the town of Rameen to the north of Tulkarm.

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