Raids 8-6-2015

Jenin: IOF raided a house in the town of Serees and carried out military training near Jenin, before storming a house belonging to the citizen Mohammad Khaled Abu al-Rob.

Bethlehem: IOF besieged Beet Jala governmental hospital and tried to arrested two wounded citizens in it.

Ramallah: IOF stormed 4 houses belonging to Mahmoud Abed al-Qader, Khaled Abed al-Jawam, Jehad and Loay Hamed from the town of Silwad near Ramallah.

Hebron: Israeli soldiers raided the town of Dura and arrested Yaser Shawamreh 28-year-old.

Hebron: IOF raided the town of Samou’ near Hebron and arrested Hassan Jebreel Daghameen after storming his house.

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