Arrests 21-7-2015

Jerusalem: IOF arrested Mohammad Bayoumi from Jerusalem and sent him into unknown destination.

Jerusalem: IOF arrested a boy from the town of Silwan and deported a woman away from al-Aqsa for 45 days.

Hebron: IOD arrested Motaz Azmi Khadoor 17-year-old and Othman Manasrah from Hebron.

Hebron: IOF arrested Anan Ali Awni Jaabri 13-year-old from Hebron,

Nablus: IOF arrested Qotaiba Hamadna from the town of Aseera near Nablus.

Nablus: IOF arrested Samer Abdullah Mansour, Ghamen Hekmat Amer and Fayez Naeem Qani from Nablus.

Nablus: IOF arrested Ahmad Maher Bani Fadel, Amjad Ibrahim Issa, Abed al-Wahab Ahmad and Helmi Mwafaq Ramadan from Nablus.

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