Arrests of Civilians 26-8-2015

Jerusalem: IOF arrested two female students in al-Aqsa mosque.

Bethlehem: IOF arrested 11 citizens from the town of Hosan near Bethlehem: Mohammad Rafat Hamamrah 20-year-old, Rayan Eyad Hamamrah 20-year-old, Majd Jameel Sabateen 20-year-old, Omar Majed Hamamrah 20-year-old, Mohammad Hassan Hmamrah 19-year-old, the two nrothers Saqer 22-year-old and Mohammad Ibrahim Hamamrah 20-year-old, Ghasan Mohammad Hamamrah 20-year-old, Ameer Mohammad Zoul, Miras Mohammad Sabateen and Mahmoud Hamamrah.

Bethlehem: IOF arrested Anwar Hussein Danoun 33-year-old from the town of Ta’mor near Bethlehem. Soldiers also handed Hassan Shokeh 25-year-old a notice to meet the Israeli intelligence in the settlement complex of Ghush Itsioun.

Nablus: IOF arrested 14 citizens from the towns of Salem, Deer al-Hatab, Azmout and Awarta. The detainees are: Abed al-Salam Issa, Helmi Kari, Rafe’ Rateeb, Thameen Rateeb, Ahmad Abed, Ghasab Jabarah, Alaa Thabet, Mahdi Thabet, Shawqi Bahaa Alawneh, Khaleel Bahaa Alawneh, Ali Obedat, Majdi Qawareeq, Salman Omran, Mohannad and Omran.

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